Storm Front: Memoirs of a Secret Agent by Jazzmyn Storm

Release date: April 8, 2019
Subgenre: Spy thriller, Romantic suspense

 About Storm Front:


When a spy loses her memory, she doesn't know who to trust...or what to believe.
I felt myself flying through the air, and I was strangely calm for a moment as the reality of the situation faded away. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening. I’d wake up any moment and realize it was all a bad dream.

Then, I hit the water.

What happens, when the people you thought you could trust betray you? That’s bad enough in any relationship…but when you’re a spy, it can be deadly.




I felt myself flying through the air, and I was strangely calm for a moment as the reality of the situation faded away.  This wasn’t happening.  It couldn’t be happening.  I’d wake up any moment and realize it was all a bad dream. 
Then, I hit the water.

Washington DC, September13, 2018
I looked up at the lights, then closed my eyes.  Still in the hospital bed, not in the water.  I let out a breath and opened my eyes, then slowly sat up.  A nurse hurried over, but she looked more annoyed than concerned.
“You know you’re supposed to lie down,” she said, shaking her head.  “You won’t get better if you don’t get some sleep.”  She paused for a moment, then asked, “Were you having a dream?”
I shook my head, not sure why I didn’t trust her.  “I just forgot where I was.” 
That was ironic, since I didn’t have much memory of anything.  At least, not the past few weeks.  All I remembered was being sent on a mission in August, then waking up in this hospital bed two days ago.
“Try to rest,” she said, turning and walking back over to the desk.  I was in a ward, not a private room, which seemed rather odd.  Or maybe not.  The other beds were mainly empty, and no one was close enough to talk to…even if I felt like it, which I did not. 
I lied back on the pillows and closed my eyes.  Maybe, if I really concentrated, I would remember something.  Anything.  Because if I didn’t, they’d never send me on another mission.  Not only would I have wasted months of training, but deep down, I had the feeling that it was important for me to go back.  I just wasn’t sure why.
As much as I wanted to remember, a small part of me didn’t.  I could sense it just before I fell asleep.  There was something dangerous about remembering and that’s what bothered me the most.  I’d never turned away from danger and now, my mind was doing it for me.
I exhaled in frustration and waited for sleep.  Maybe, my dreams would give me some clue I couldn’t remember, when I was awake.

His voice was what I noticed first.  It was deep and rather sexy with a slight accent I couldn’t place.  He was talking to a shop owner I’d gone to meet in Old Town.  I was early, and the shop owner was trying to convince the man to buy something.
“I don’t think it’s quite my style,” the man said in that deep voice.  “Maybe you have something more…urbane?”
“I’m sorry, sir,” the shop owner replied.  “This is the most sophisticated jacket I carry.”
The man looked over and saw me as I pretended to browse through the racks of dresses.  “What do you think?” he asked.  “Is it my style?”
I smiled and raised an eyebrow.  “It’s very nice,” I replied.
The man laughed.  “Very well, I will take it,” he told the man.  “Can you have it delivered to my hotel?  I’m staying at the Grande Plaza.”
The shop owner nodded.  “I’ll send it right over,” he replied, running the man’s card.  “Can I get you anything else?” he added, hopefully.
The man glanced back over at me and smiled.  “I think that’s enough for today.”


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About Jazzmyn Storm:

"The role of women has always been undervalued in the spy world, always undermined in terms of recognition. Unfairly so. It's a world that needs women." -Helen Mirren

I write thrillers, paranormal and suspense fiction as Jazzmyn Storm and clean/sweet romances, sweet fantasy romances, fairytales, mysteries and historical non-fiction under my alter ego, Lorri Moulton. All my stories are published under Lavender Lass Books.