Steele Tempted (Ashley Steele Caribbean Thrillers, Book 2) by Chris Lord

Release date: June 2, 2017
Subgenre: Adventure Thriller

About Steele Tempted


Ashley's searching for An elusive beauty in a deadly paradise!

Ashley Steele’s guilty drinking catches up with him in a bar with a beautiful woman who rescues him from a man with no neck. This chance encounter gives him a reason to climb out of the shallow end of a bottle with the vision of rebuilding his life with her.
Working to get her a job as the only stewardess of the flying yacht, The Good Fortune, little does he know the strings that are attached to the woman will pull him into a family of drugs, white slavery, and terrorism.
Only after he's let his heart fall for her does he realize that this elusive beauty he’s been searching is connected in a web of crime... a web that is deadly for any who get's caught in the deadly paradise of the waters of St. Croix, in this Ashley Steele Caribbean action adventure thriller.



“Mr. Steele, don’t you think you’ve had enough tonight?” The bartender asked.
Mr. Steele asked for another drink, and his tone told the bartender he didn’t want conversation, but the next drink from the bartender.
He poured the double scotch and slammed the bottle down hard on the bar. The jolt was loud enough to arouse the tall, lean man who had ordered it.
Ashley Steele's fixed his eyes on the empty glass in front of his tired looking eyes. Without a word, he slid the empty glass away and with a slow and deliberate motion slide the fresh double scotch to the staring place on the bar he had been looking at. His hand moved towards the refilled tumbler. His slow movement would make one assume he had a physical ailment. Ashley placed his fingers around the tumbler and said, “I’ll say when it's enough.”
“Mr. Steele, You don’t come in here that regular, but I remember you cause you are a good tipper, but I don’t want you to have any trouble. Besides, we’ll be closing soon, and you need to head home.”
“I can’t sleep here,” he said with a slight slur.
“No, Mr. Steele this isn’t a hotel, you’re still at the Airport Bar. Or do you live near here? I don't know Mr. Steele.”
Ashley took a slow and steady survey around the bar and, as he did, his eyebrows rose. “I guess I’m out of town.”
Just as he said that, a Stewardess walked in with dark hair, tight clothes, high heels, and pleasing legs carrying a large suitcase and a small one. Everyone in the bar saw the outline of her figure with her tailored airline uniform highlighting the right parts. Every man in the bar noticed her as she walked and looked around the bar. Every woman noticed her too. The men eyed her figure, and the women critiqued the outfit.
Ashley watched her from the corner of his eyes as she walked in and looked around. She headed toward him in the corner of the bar. For a moment their eyes connected and she tossed him a casual smile. He returned the smile with a wink as she found a booth just behind him in the corner of the bar. The smell of her perfume drifted by him, and he turned on his stool as if to engage the stunning woman at a quarter of a turn. When she walked in the song "The Lady In Red" started playing which seemed appropriate and drew the fascination of all to her.
As she had walked through the bar, the bartender didn’t move and from his vantage point was still staring at the woman. “Let me see what I can get her, if you know what I mean,” he said to Ashley.




About Chris Lord:

Chris Lord has wanted to be a writer since childhood. Sitting at a desk as a child and writing stories in a notebook in a scrawl few could read. Moving on to an IBM Selectric, writing about alien species and adventurers. Thank God for the computer when gives the ability to write anywhere.

Living the life of a verbal story teller, and making a living by using that gift, over the last many years publishing those stories has given Chris a great sense of satisfaction. It’s always nice to read the reviews and emails from readers.

Living in a suburb of Atlanta, married and with three children, Chris has had many jobs in life to get today. Chris is happy to here now and has the opportunity to share this story and many others with you.